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7/17/2016 Performance Improvements
1/16/2014 Suggested Titles
12/13/2013 Sort Lists of Movies
1/29/2013 Speed Up Turn-Around Times
11/1/2012 Sell Your DVDs at nymMEDIA
7/24/2012 Reset Your Membership
5/11/2012 Previously Viewed DVD Pricing
12/20/2011 Sale on Previously Viewed Titles
12/16/2011 Spotlight Customer Reviews
08/16/2009 Pay Membership Dues by PayPal
03/15/2009 Economy Memberships
03/18/2008 Customize Left Side of Web Page
02/07/2008 Account Updates
09/01/2007 PayPal Available During Purchasing
03/14/2007 Phishing
12/14/2006 Gift Certificates: A Great Idea Anytime
08/24/2006 Benefits of Maintaining Your Membership
06/27/2006 Coming to our Website
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06/02/2006 Referrals

Performance Improvements

Ever since we introduced the feature that allowed our customers to sell their own DVDs on our site, our site's performance has suffered. Unfortunately, just after introduction of the feature, our developer began working on a different project. That project has just wrapped up, and we are very happy to announce the return of our developer to full-time engagement on our site. The first sign of his return is much improved performance. We are now seeing about 98% of our web page requests being returned to our customers in fewer than 3 seconds. Click here to send us an email to let us know if this has made a difference for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

May We Suggest?

We've added a new link on the left side of every page: May We Suggest? Click on this link to see a set of suggested titles based on your most recent rental history. For each movie that you rented recently (and either not rated or rated positively), you'll see up to 4 other titles that were rented by other customers who rented the same movie (with a More button if there are more than 4). This is an expansion of the recently added behavior that lists other titles in which you might be interested on the movie details pages. In the movie details page, the list is based on the movie you're looking at. You may have noticed that we now include this same information in our notifications of receipt of DVDs, which is now delivered in HTML format as opposed to plain text.
We hope that these enhancements will help you to find new titles to watch that you might otherwise not have found.

Sort Lists of Movies

We have finally added the ability to sort most lists of movies. We will be gradually adding the functionality to the pages that don't yet have it. At the top of the list you'll see a drop-down box where you can change the sort order if you'd like. Enjoy.

Speed Up DVD Turn-Around

Have you been plagued in the past by slower processing of returns than you'd like? When we send DVDs out from our distribution centers they're generally sorted, and are processed by the USPS relatively quickly. They most often get to where they're going in 2 to 4 days, just like the USPS says they will. But for a lot of our customers, DVDs can take an awful lot longer than that to get back to us. We've decided to try to do something about that to make the situation a little bit better.

Consider notifying us that you put a DVD back in the mail on its way to us. (The mechanism for doing this is via a checkbox on the pages where we show the DVDs you have out currently. Please do not send emails to notify us that you returned a DVD.) If you are a Standard or an All-in-One member, 2 days later we'll work on getting a replacement DVD out to you, whether we've received the DVD or not. (If we receive the DVD in the meantime, we won't wait the 2 days.) If you're an Economy member, consider taking advantage of this feature by switching to a Standard or an All-in-One plan.

Regardless of your membership type, if we haven't received the DVD within 6 mailing days of the date you put it in the mail, we'll automatically generate a Mail Delay on that DVD. If we still haven't received it within a few weeks, we'll process a Mail Loss Report which we'll mail to you and ask that you sign and return to us so that we can attempt to recover our loss from the USPS.

We hope that you find this new feature helps you to get even more from our world- class service.

Sell Your DVDs

Today we are introducing the opportunity for our customers to sell their DVDs through our website. To sell your DVDs create a Seller Profile from the "Your Account" page. Once you've created a Seller Profile, list your DVDs from the details page for the movies you want to sell, or from any list that includes the title. To buy a DVD from one of our sellers, simply add it to your cart and check out. Sellers commit to shipping all orders within 2 mailing days of the purchase. nymMEDIA will preserve privacy on both sides of the transaction, allowing both sides to communicate if necessary through the website. We will transact against the buyer's credit card and maintain a separate credit account for the seller. As funds accumulate, they can be transferred to your regular customer account and used to cover purchases and/or membership fees. As a buyer, you can rate each transaction with each seller so that other customers will know who are the preferred sellers.
Best of luck to all of you on selling your DVDs at nymMEDIA.

Reset Your Membership

If your membership has constraints on the number of shipments you can have in a month (Economy or All-in-One) and you've returned the last shipment allowed, it's now easy to get us to start shipping again immediately rather than wait until your billing anniversary. Go to Your Account and click on the Reset link in the right-hand column. We'll bill your credit card for another month of membership on your current plan the next time we process billing. Assuming that's successful, you'll be eligible for another shipment immediately.

Previously Viewed DVD Pricing

We recently became much more aggressive in our pricing of Previously Viewed DVDs. Where we used to discount previously viewed titles by as much as 30 to 50%, we now go as low as 85% off the MSRP. However, the prices at which you could buy a DVD that you were in possession of via a rental shipment did not reflect the same pricing. We have taken care of this problem. Where we used to price the DVDs that you have in your possession based on the number of times we'd shipped that particular copy, we now price all copies of all movies the same. This is great news because the prices for most titles are much lower than they have been in the past. The price is updated nightly. They are set depending on inventory levels and demand for a particular title. The upshot of this is that, if you are in possession of a movie that you'd like to buy, be sure to check the website when you go to purchase because the price may have changed from the price we quoted in the email we sent when we notified you that the DVD had been shipped. It may be higher, but it may also be lower.

Sale on Previously Viewed DVDs

We are drastically dropping the prices for our previously viewed DVDs and have recently added about 2,000 titles to the set of available titles, currently listing 3,882 different titles for sale. To see all titles available for sale previously viewed you can go here. We also have deeper discounts available on some titles monthly which are promoted on the home page and by email.

Spotlight Customer Reviews

We have added a new section to our home page which we will update daily. The section spotlights customers' reviews. We pick the best reviews (as per our team of editors) and feature a new set every day on the home page. Check back often to make sure you're not missing out on a title that you might otherwise not look at twice!

Pay Membership Dues by PayPal

If you'd like to pay for your membership dues by PayPal, please send us an email letting us know. We can set it up. It won't be automated, we will require a deposit, just as we do if you pay by check or money order, and you'll be responsible for paying your membership dues before your billing anniversary, but for some of you, it would be preferable to having nymMEDIA show up on your credit card statements.

Economy Memberships

Economy Memberships are here. We hope that this helps some of you through these tough economic times. Your feedback is welcome.

Please be aware that this change was 8 months in the works and much of the software that runs our website has been changed. You may run into problems, or find things that don't work the way you think they should. Please let us know by sending an email to support. We appreciate your patience and assistance while we work out any bugs.

Customize Your Experience

Along the left side of the website there are lists of Stars, Studios, Directors, Themes and Countries. Up to now, the names that appeared in those lists have been determined by us. As of today you have the ability to customize those lists. Remove the names we have there. Add others. Put as many as you want there. Make it reflect your taste. Here's how: When you click on a name that's in one of those lists, just above the first title in the list of movies that's displayed in the center of the page will be a link that will allow you to remove that name. Click on it and the name will no longer appear there for you. If you click on [More] at the bottom of one of those lists, you'll see all of the entries for that type. All countries, or all Themes, for example. Click on one of those themes and, if that theme is not already among the list of themes on the left, you'll be able to add it by clicking on the link that displays above the list of movies in the center of the page. The option to add or remove will also be available when you're shown the results of a search.
We hope you'll use this new capability to get more out of your membership by putting your favorite Actors, Themes, Studios, Directors, etc. into those lists so that you can keep up more easily with new titles that are added that were produced, star, or were directed by your favorites in the industry. Be sure to give us feedback on this new feature via the Forums so that we know whether you like it or not and how we might improve it.

Account Updates

As most of you know, we have a Customer Service representative who answers the phone when you call. Sometimes. Sometimes, she's not there to answer the phone, or she's on another call, (usually with a customer who doesn't have access to the web) and you wind up having to leave a message.
Any time you'd like to make an update to your account, or report a DVD as delayed in the mail, or damaged on arrival, or put your account on vacation hold, or cancel your account, or update your shipping address, or do anything that affects your account, the quickest and most sure way of doing it is to do it yourself through the website. You can call and leave a message for Customer Service, or you can send an email, but we will no longer make account changes unless we talk to you and have a chance to validate who you are to our satisfaction. Almost anything you need to do is supported by the website. If you can't find how to do it, send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can telling you how. Email is usually faster than leaving a message on the Customer Service line. We have one person answering the phone, but we have several people reading your emails.
We appreciate your assistance in helping us to help you.

Purchase Using PayPal

PayPal is now an option when checking out from your Shopping Cart! If you decide to pay through PayPal, we will use the shipping address that you specify at the PayPal website as the ship to address for your order. This gives you the possibility of purchasing from our site without giving us your payment details.
We will be making PayPal more widely available on the site as a method of payment over the coming weeks.

Beware of Phishers

You've seen them, the emails that tell you that you need to update your account information, coming from some company with which you may or may not do business, and that, if you don't update your information, something terrible will happen. There's usually a link to a website, and sometimes there's an attachment. We're receiving emails just like that internally at nymMEDIA, from someone who claims to be nymMEDIA, and we're concerned that you might be getting them too. Delete these emails immediately. We will never send you an email with an attachment unless you ask us to. While we do provide links to our website in our emails, the urls are always visible, not hidden behind other text. Our links will always include our domain in the url, i.e., www.nymmedia.com. If that's not how the url begins, then it's a suspect email. Don't click on the link. If you're ever in doubt as to whether an email came from us, give us a call before clicking on the link.

Give the Gift That Keeps On Giving

There's a link in the 'Your Account' page that will take you to a page that allows you to purchase gift certificates for friends.

When you buy a gift certificate, we'll send you an email with a special redemption code along with instructions on how to redeem it. You send that email on to the intended recipient. When he redeems the certificate, you'll receive an email letting you know that he's done so. You can give gift certificates to anyone, even existing members.

If your intended recipient doesn't redeem your gift certificate, you can redeem it yourself at any time. The value of the gift will be credited to your account. Gift certificates are not refundable otherwise.

Membership has its Benefits

We will begin sending out emails containing valuable coupons for discounts on rental fees as well as purchases of DVDs today. The criteria we use to determine which customers will receive the emails will be based on two factors. The first is whether you've elected to receive coupons and discount offers by email. If you haven't done that yet, hurry up and do it. The other criteria will have to do with your length of uninterrupted membership, and number of days of DVD rentals. Vacations do not count as interruptions while quitting and reactivating do. To help you to know where you stand, your anniversary date will display on every page when you're logged in, as well as the number of rental days you've accumulated.
Happy Shopping!

Manage Your Subscriptions

Today we introduced a new feature to our service. Subscribe by US Mail, or by e-mail to various publications that we send out on a repeat basis. If you find email notifications regarding DVD shipments and receipts annoying, opt out of receiving them. If you'd like to receive advertising materials from 3rd parties that would like to be able to reach you but can't (because we won't tell them who you are), let us know and we'll send them on to you. Want to receive valuable coupons for discounts on DVD purchases or rental fees? Let us know and we'll send them out to you.

To set your preferences, go to the Your Account page, then click on the link to Manage Your Subscriptions.

Coming to our Website

We very much appreciate it whenever you come to our website to put movies in your queue or to browse our latest titles. We would like to ask you, if you haven't done so already, to create a bookmark in your web browser to our website so that you can easily get to our site whenever you want to. If you're not sure what that means, try dragging the link we send in one of our notification emails to your desktop, then drop it. Depending on your email reader and your operating system, this should create an icon right on your desktop that you can double- click on whenever you want to come to our website. Please don't try to find us by googling for us. Each time you google for us and come to us from one of our ads on Google, we pay a fee to Google. This is great for Google, but not so great for us.

Please, help us to keep our costs as low as possible so that we can continue to offer you the very best in terms of quality and quantity.

Thank you.

Don't Send Account Information by Email

We would like to repeat here what bears repeating. It is not a good idea at all to send your account information by email to our support team. Your emails travel across the internet on their way to us. They sometimes spend the night on other people's servers. You cannot know who will see their content. Email is the least secure form of communication available. If you send an email to us from the email account that we send emails to, we'll know who you are by your email address. If you use a different account, tell us your first and last name and we'll be able to find you that way. Don't send us your username, and don't send us your password, and don't send us your new credit card information. Use the website to enter it. That's safe. Or call our toll-free customer service line. That's safe. Email is not safe.

Thank you.

Earn Credit for Member Referrals

Is there someone you know that would enjoy our service who isn't yet a member and hasn't been a member in the past? Recommend us to your friends and if they join, we'll reward you with 10% of their first month's membership fee.

Just send us an email letting us know that you'd like to recommend our service. Include your username in the email. That's the name you use when you sign on to the website. We'll send you a response by email telling you the promotion code that you should give to anyone that you recommend us to. When they join, if they enter the promotion code, not only will they get 10% off their first month's membership fee, but, when their first month's membership has completed, you'll get the same amount as a credit to your account.

Thanks to all of you for your patronage! It's a pleasure to serve you all!

Latest Additions to Our Library (07/17/19)
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Daddy Dilemma
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Sale of Previously Viewed DVDs

Sellers' Listings

When we last attempted to charge your membership dues to your credit card, the transaction was declined. As a result, we will not be sending out DVDs to replace those returned by you until your credit card information has been updated. You can take care of this now, or you can take care of it later.

We hope that you will either provide us with a different card or ask us to attempt the charge again on your current card at this time so that we can stop bothering you with this notice and begin once again to ship the finest in Gay Porn on DVD to your door. In either case, you will need to know the CVV2 code from the back of the card.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and continued patronage.