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Thrill Ride
Thrill Ride
In Stock On:   2012-01-26 00:00:00.0
Produced in:   United States
Studio:   Slut Machine
Year:   2011
Directed by:   Frank Stein
Cast:   Ace Geyser, Antonio Biaggi, Blue Bailey, Chase Coxx, Ian Jay, Jacob Slader, Jay Scott, Justin Jameson, Ron Rossi
Length:   90 min
Language:   English
Themes:   Rimming, Foreign Objects/Toys, Jockstraps, Deep Throat, Interracial, Bareback
Average Member Rating:  
Buy New For:   42.99
Buy Previously Viewed For:   15.18
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nymMEDIA Review:

Despite a couple of areas of some shaking camera work, this amateur feature is really good. The "set" (a bar and basement) is a little boring, but the lighting is good, the sound is clear, and the footage includes a lot of great close up stuff. All the good production stuff aside, the action here is really what makes this great. All the action is deep, aggressive, and raw - and the best part is that these guys seem primal with animal needs. The bareback aspect seems natural, like this kind of sex between these studs just needs to be hard, wet and raw. Frank Stein and Slut Machine have a great thing going here, with this kind of chemistry, guys will be standing in line to watch this one.

Antonio Biaggi and Justin Jameson start things off with a lot of deep kissing and rubbing. Justin drops to his knees and starts licking and mouthing the mound in Antonio's jeans. When the jeans open up, Justin gets the horse cock down his throat. Justin gags on Antonio several times, that combined with the slobbering and very sexy breathing coming from Justin, really got me going. Justin bends over and Antonio works his tongue into Justin's pink hole. Antonio slides his horse dick into Justin's hole and rides him hard. The grunts, groans, and whimpers are combined with Antonio's heavy balls slapping on the back of Justin's ass and the wet flesh on flesh noises to really amp the action up. Justin really feels what Antonio's dick is doing to his hole and it is really hot to watch. When Antonio cum he pulls out and the first couple of ropes land on Justin's butt and his hole and then Antonio fucks the cum into Justin's ass.

Reviews by customers:
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful:
  by  wayne36   2012-02-04
With 6 scenes, Thrill Ride has 2 excellent scenes, but the other 4, while not bad, drag it down some. Even though I'm not a fan, the best scenes feature Antonio Biaggi. Scene 1, with hot, chunky Justin Jameson (I just love him for some reason!) is very good. And scene 4 with Ron Rossi (new actor to me) is excellent. This is a long, long scene, and Ron takes a punishing fuck from Antonio. While incredibly hot, I actually felt bad for Ron! I'm sure he had trouble walking for a couple of days after that pounding. Blue Bailey was also good, but the tops in his 2 scenes weren't the best pairing for him. No bottom ever gets wood in this movie, and I believe that no bottom ever shoots a load. Still, BB fans will probably not want to miss this one.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
  by  Joe E   2013-05-02
An ok ride
Nice to have 6 full scenes, especially when 2 have Antonio Biaggi (AB) in them. There is definitely something very sexy, nasty about AB. Not to mention that juicy uncut cock and amazing low hangers. Love that he was getting off big time face fucking his boys, gagging them and actually getting harder every time he pulled out. Also love that he gets into eating ass like he does. He definitely makes his scenes hot enough so that you are jerking off to them. Scene 1 is also interesting since it has a stocky, beefy bottom that takes every bit AB dishes out, including gagging on his cock over and over. The other nasty top guy is Jacob Slater. An ex-Marine and a nasty, Alpha type top guy that you just feel the heat cumming off of him. He is not the biggest top but in both scenes he takes over, face fucking and then powerful ass fucking his bottoms. The 2nd scene Jacob is in, #5 is added hot due to the bottom guy is taller/bigger than Jacob but that doesn't stop Jacob from taking him down hard. Scene 3 is an older hairy top who does a great job but for me, I just do not care for Ian Jay. Scene 6 was like a continuation, part 2 of scene 2, as in when Jacob is done fucking a black guy, Chase Cox walks into the men's room and starts up face fucking and ass fucking the same bottom. Needed a little more than just suck and fuck but overall ok.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Pounding away
Here we have some aggressive tops with big cocks. Some decent skull fucking and bareback sex with average to good looking men. I wouldn't say it is anything spectacular but these bottoms do get a good pounding in the end. Would have been better if it showed the bottoms cumming as well.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  ManinMB   2012-03-03
Good but not Thrilled
There were some very good scenes (Jay & Jacob), some OK scenes, and some not so good scenes. Sex, when good, was good, but otherwise was not exciting or scenes were not completed. Not my favorite but I'd still give it a thumbs up for anyone who wants a good BB film.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  by  montanacwby   2012-03-29
OK For Slut Machine
It has six scenes so they didn't cheat there. Two of the scenes had Antonio Biaggi and as always they were hot if you like him. Think he has the biggest and lowest low hangers in the business. He likes showing them off as he fucks. Jacob was in two of the other scenes and he was hot but equipment pales in comparison to Biaggi. If you don't like Biaggi or Jacob then this movie is not for you. The other scenes were ok although the one with the black top was damn hot. Nothing special about set up, they all took place in some basement warehouse either standing or on a mattress thrown on the cement floor. Camera work and lighting could have been better but were passable. Again if you like the actors rent it but pass if you don't because there is nothing special here.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
No E: Ticket
Thrill ride was just so-so. It's a basic porn movie with a couple of different sets and some actors that look intoxicated or high or both. There were only only two guys that appeared tasty, but my tastes run more towards Titan guys. This isn't something I would skim through twice.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  Rand   2013-06-19
A lot of the same old stuff
A lot of the same old stuff but just with different sets and pairings. Antonio, as usual, is quite the power top with that big ol' cock of his. The pairing of Jacob and Jay was the high point of the movie for me. Really great chemistry between the two with some real intensity thrown in. That scene alone was worth renting the movie.
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