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In Stock On:   2011-04-21 00:00:00.0
Produced in:   United States
Studio:   Fisting Central, Raging Stallion
Year:   2011
Directed by:   Tony Taylor
Cast:   Amerifist, Cutler X, Dyno, GermanFistRider, PunchPig4Service, Putexib
Length:   84 min
Language:   English
Themes:   Dirty Talk, Rimming, Jockstraps, Masked, Finger Fucking/Probing, Foreskin, Interracial, Horsehung, Fisting, Real Men / Daddies, Rough Sex, Double Anal Penetration
Our Rating:  
Buy New For:   47.99
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nymMEDIA Review:

I must give a lot of credit for this one to director Tony Taylor - aka Amerifist, he manages to deliver a powerful fisting to three very hungry bottoms while keeping control of cameras and capturing good footage by himself. Obviously this is an amateur production, and except for a couple bright light situations and noticeable repeats in footage from different angles, Tony pulls this off very well. On one side it is nice to see the action from another point of view or closer up, but the repeat was somewhat annoying. Tony uses a split screen a couple times in this movie and I like that approach better.

First up Amerifist gets GermanFistRider up on a ladder, this provides first a perfect vantage point to watch all the action up close and personal, and second an exposed and vulnerable position for the boys butt for action. German wears a gas mask to feed himself poppers for the scene and a jock, Amerifist, starts with fingers and some smacks to the ass but, quickly gets his fist and starts working the boy over. I find the contrast between German's very fair white butt and Amerifist's black arm/hand very erotic. Amerifist uses alternating hands to deliver fast paced punch strokes and then slower paced twisting, full-hand strokes to the boys hungry ass. I found the noises that German produced during the fast pace fisting very hot, and of course all this intense action produces a very swollen anal ring and bright red rosebud for us all to enjoy. Another great side effect to Amerifist's fast paced fisting is that the boy can't hold his bladder and pisses in his jock two or three times.

Reviews by customers:
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  by  ringwraith   2012-04-28
Amerifist Knows His Stuff...
I really enjoyed this movie because the fisting here seemed to be enjoyed by all the models. I don't know much about fisting, but I have watched a few movies where the action seemed to lack smoothness or continuity. Not here. Amerifist is a pro at fisting, and his partners seem to get off on getting fisted and penetrated roughly. In particular, the scenes with Putexib and GermanFistRider stand out. Those boys know how to take a rather mean fist. I highly recommend this offering as a diamond in the rough flick that I was glad to have discovered.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  SoTXFF   2011-05-17
Hot Fist!!!
This is movie is hardcore fist-in-ass action only - 2 black tops, 4 white bottoms. All players are very skilled and very into what they are doing. But if you are looking for other than fisting, this is not for you.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Wrecked but Not Damaged
You can fastforward through at least the first 3 scenes, which consist of Amerifist fisting different bottoms. He is a good fister -- he gets deep, and even double fists. There are the appropriate moans and groans and yelps from the bottoms. However, there are no cum shots with the exception of scene #2, and even that one is so minimal that you almost miss it. In scene #1 you can see the ass lips expand as the fisting progresses. Scene #4 has a different fister -- Cutler X -- who has a genormous dick. The bottom, Dyno, really chokes on it. But there is no cum shot!
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