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Sounding #2
Sounding #2
In Stock On:   Nov 19, 2008
Produced in:   United States
Studio:   Raging Stallion
Year:   2008
Directed by:   Ben Leon, Chris Ward
Cast:   Jake Deckard, Lee Dakota, Luke Montana, Ty Hudson
Length:   90 min
Language:   English
Themes:   Urethra Play, S/M, Guys in their 20s, Real Men / Daddies, Vacuum Pumping
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Cock Stuffing like you have never seen before! Deep Sounding, Catheter Play, Screaming Testicles! Ok Guys--this movie is one for the record books. If you thought Sounding #1 was over-the-top, wait until you see what the kinking sex pigs at Raging Stallion Studios have cooked up this time! This is the most extreme urethral play movie ever made by anyone anywhere.
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nymMEDIA Review:

How much pleasure/pain can a man and his genitals take? The four men in Sounding #2 must know. As with Sounding #1, we're treated to two extended scenes. The action is just as extreme, with cock and ball torture, sounding, and catheter play among the over-the-top kink on display.

One of the sexiest daddies to ever come along, Ty Hudson is seen laying back and looking as relaxed as anyone can while jacking himself and inserting sounding rods up his cock. He's soon joined by hunky Jake Deckard, who knows a thing or two about taking charge, and he stops Ty from getting himself off just in time. Ty takes a catheter in his hard cock as far as it will go, and the camera gets in close enough to see it moving through his urethra. Then, with the catheter still in him, Jake fucks him. Hard. One can only imagine the agonizing pain Ty must have experienced. The amazed look on his face is priceless as he looks down at his groin as the action accelerates until the two men ejaculate big loads on each other. It'll make you want to stand and applaud.

Session two brings newcomers Lee Dakota and Luke Montana together, and if your eyes haven't bugged out yet, they will when you see what these two do to each other. Not satisfied with mere sounding rods, Dakota manages to get the handle of a set of pliers inside his cock, and they both push small flashlights in to let us see their cocks glow in the dark! Even if you're not shocked by cock and ball torture, you'll wince watching Luke with his balls in a Lucite vice as he lets his partner tighten it, all the while shoving what looks like a drill bit in his dick hole as far as he can.

Reviews by customers:
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
  by  MCD   Jan 18, 2009
Liked It, Didn't Love it.
Raging Stallion needs to find more models to take on this subject. The whole film is really just two long scenes, and I'd rather see shorter sequences with a bigger cast. It gets a little boring and you have to fast forward. Also, they make it look like it hurts, but if done correctly, this is pleasurable and painless. I'm not into the ball press, though - I don't think that can be done painlessly. Still, this is an interesting topic and I like to see various ways it's done and the tools they use.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  saavik   Jan 5, 2009
sounds like a good idea
Only two scenes make up this second feature. The first has both Lee Dakota and Luke Montana taking turns to demonstrate their tolerance for sound play - both studs are insert varying sizes of instruments down their dicks. One even goes as far as inserting his little finger. Talk about pain and pleasure combined. The second scene is way hotter - quite a shocking surprise for me. Ty Hudson is one sexy motherfucker and his gyrating his entire body while plunging a long and curvy sound stick down his dick is pure excitement to watch. And then Jake Deckard pounding his ass at the end top this flick. Hope they find more interesting and daring fetish players for future edition. Not for the faint of heart and especially not for anyone not interested in this kind of fetish play.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Apr 25, 2010
Penal Pain
This is my first viewing of this topic and at first it looked too painful to watch. I got used to the insertions throughout the first scene of the film but the second scene was the hottest because the actor knew how to show he was stimulated! All-in all it wasn't a bad flick.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  CTDick   Apr 24, 2009
If you're interested...
This DVD appeals to a very specific audience. If you are turned on by or just curious about sounding (inserting things into a dick), watch this one. The first scene is less sexual and more technical. The second has Jake Deckard helping Ty Hudson insert a rod and then a long catheter that actually drains his bladder. After that, these two hotties have an intense fuck scene. Not for the faint at heart.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  bearboycub69   Mar 22, 2009
Interesting to say the least
I rented this movie because I am interested in SOUNDS. I had to watch this movie a few times before I stopped squirming. The sex was hot to say the least. I will look for more of this type in the movie library.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Dec 16, 2009
The men in this one are hotter IMO
I prefer real men, and delivers in that regard, but the sounding isn't aggressive enough. None of these guys bury their rods in their cocks. It's all somewhat timid behavior. I also wish there was no music track. I want to hear the men as they ream their cocks. I like that this type of activity is making it onto mainstream porn DVDs, but after watching the first two of this series, I don't think I need to bother with the third. Looks like twinks in that one, and apparently the rodding action isn't any more intense than in the other two either. If you want masculinity in the men doing the sounding, this is the one to rent, otherwise the fare is about the same in all of them.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  David   Apr 25, 2009
It's OK, but #1 was Better
If you're into sounding this one is OK. With only 2 scenes the action seemed to draw itself out and get boring. I had to use the fast forward button too much here, they should have mixed things up a little more, the fucking Jake gave Ty was a nice touch. I liked the flashlight use as a sounding instrument as well as the pliers handle, and Lee's finger in his own penis is HOT. I think the catheter play that Ty puts himself through was a very hot touch as well, as was the touch of water sports action. "Sounding #2" was a bit of a disappointment after Sounding 1 but an OK effort in the field of extreme fetish play. I think "Sounding #2" would come across better if you watch it before "Sounding #1" safe the better for later.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  phillyman   Mar 20, 2009
...very PRO sounding...
I liked Sounding #1 better, for it featured in the first scene much younger handsome guys trying it. These guys in #2 are older, and much more intense. The scenes are stimulating to a point, but too long for the few men they used. It looked painful at times, so I fast-forward some. Once was enough for this one.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  bellybear   Dec 28, 2008
I expected more. #1 was better
OK I like kink but this one just did enough to hit the spot. I mean yes, there was sound and catheter play (the catheter play where his piss comes out was hot - just wish there would have been more) - but it was just standard play, nothing really special. Like hooking electro to sound or ass play with a sound in or even double sounding. And the look on the guy's face in first scene was like "yawn... yea I am sticking something down my dick yet once more." He was so boring. And what a waste of Deckard - the man is hot and all he did was pitch a hard fuck into a guy with a rubber hose down his cock.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  Oct 15, 2010
Don't try this at home!
Definitely nothing special about this one except that is probably a very good lesson in how to get a severe bladder or kidney infection. Cannot believe people would stick all those things up their penis.
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