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In Stock On:   Dec 12, 2007
Produced in:   United States
Studio:   Black Scorpion Video
Year:   2007
Directed by:   Rafael Alencar
Cast:   Alexi Chevalier, Arpad Miklos, C.J. Knight, D.O., David Handsome, Greg David, Jonathan Lowe, Karim, Kyle Lewis, Marko Hansome, Rafael Alencar, Rocko
Length:   90 min
Language:   English
Themes:   Rimming, Dildos, Group Sex, Interracial, Latino, Threeways, Double Oral Penetration
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Shot entirely on location in New York City, the concept is simple, but Hunger's sexual energy is anything but. Hunger takes viewers on a culinary thrill ride that explores the magical, sexual mystery of what happens when fine food and sexual desire collide. Not one fine dining image escapes sexual exploration – from waiters and bartenders, to sous chefs and luxury bathroom attendants. And in true Black Scorpion fashion, the production values are far higher than the norm in adult entertainment.
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nymMEDIA Review:

If a well-produced, jam-packed flick is what you're looking for, this is definitely an excellent choice. With five scenes in just under 90 minutes, the action literally flies by! The excellent production quality really does help enhance the overall enjoyment of the movie.

There's a pretty simple story-lovers Rafael Alencar and D.O. start the morning with Rafael (playing a cop) having to go to work while D.O. just wishes he could stay in bed with him. D.O. heads to an upscale restaurant, where all the action takes place. In an artistic twist, each of the scenes starts out like a normal dinner, cooking session, etc., but quickly dissolves into steamy sex! Since faces weren't matched up with names, most models are unidentifiable. A great threeway gets things started with a bang. Another threeway follows at a bar, which features Kyle Lewis and D.O. This wasn't quite as enjoyable, there just didn't seem to be a lot of heat or passion.

A third threeway presents itself in the kitchen, and here the intensity picked back up again. The bottom is very enthusiastic, and there is a sexy latin top who is sensual but assertive at the same time, very hot. The fourth scene remains in the kitchen, which is mostly a duo between Arpad Miklos and a pretty sexy bottom (a third joins in for a brief time.) This was good but not great, it was hot to see the bottom cum all over an entree! Black Scorpion's trademark is orgies, and the final scene of this movie is a very nice one.

Reviews by customers:
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  ScottK   Jan 24, 2011
Hunger satisfied
Another great film from Black Scorpion Video. Some of world's hottest, best-looking performers are in this flick. Rafael Alencar, D.O., Jonathan Lowe, oh hell, the whole cast! The plot revolves around sex in a restaurant, but who cares where they do it as long as they look good doing it! The joy here is in watching these great-looking guys serving themselves up to be enjoyed by other hot guys. The disappoints are that Rafael isn't in the film more, and we get just a (clothed) glimpse of Gus Mattox at the beginning of the DVD. The extras are also worth watching just to see the guys grab-assing around. Rent, wank, enjoy!
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  blairtownbj   May 12, 2008
beef steak blowout
I want to live in a world where the cooks and waiters at my favorite restaurant are this hot and horny!! I would never cook again. The men are so well built with such beautiful erections, it made my mouth water. I loved this movie.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  dg   Mar 17, 2016
DO and Rafael
The movie starts with a threesome in a restaurant with fair oral but deep fucking. Scene two is anther threesome that takes place on the bar with sucking that scores, strong fucking and two flying cum shots. Next, the threesome works with hot sex. Scene four has sucking to the core by one of the guys. It starts with two and a third joins in with them taking turns fucking. The last scene is a full on orgy with 10 hot and hungry men sucking, fucking and cumming, wow. This was a very good movie with the same as far as direction and camera work. Featured a wonderful cast of super hot men doing what they do best.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  MEC   Jun 17, 2013
Sex and food oh my
This is one of the strangest plots to a porn movie I have seen in a long time. The production was well done. The actors all seem to enjoy having sex with each other. The blow jobs are very good. The rimming is very steamy hot! And the fucking is very hot and will keep you watching every stroke! There are four very steamy hot three-ways on this DVD. Some of the three-ways are not as hot as the other three-ways are. The final scene has one of the best orgies scenes I have seen lately. If you have not seen this DVD then you should rent it or buy it!
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  plungenyc   Aug 16, 2009
Black Scorpion
I love the typical Black Scorpion man: lean, very fit, and cut, but not overly muscled. Lots of them seem Italian and Spanish, and overgroomed. And they seem to love sex! I love it when sex god D.O. helps hose down the bottom--the guy is literally dripping by the time the other top splashes the other cheek. The sex-in-a-restaurant concept is silly, although it's kind of sexy watching a guy get fucked in the kitchen by a dude in waist-high waders. Cumshots are generally huge, lighting is generally orange (better than fake tans, I guess), except for one of the first cumshots, when the off-camera still shot casts an orange light on the cock...whoops. Still, these guys are into it, and they are usually not your typical porn star. Yeah, the final orgy is a little rote until Rafael Alencar shows up to abuse whatever poor hole gets in his way. Then it's a scorcher.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  bellybear   Aug 12, 2009
WOOF, drip, slurp
Hey, I liked this flick a lot, if for no other reason that the men are gods--RENT IT NOW.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:
  by  Michael B   Jan 17, 2008
merely peckish
By all standards of taste this movie should have been exceptional. The men are good-looking with flawless physiques and they really appear to be into the sex with gusto, big cocks and great production values. For me it was only ok as a sex flick. I wonder if this is because the guys all appear to be superstars of the party circuit type and therefore make it relatively impossible for a regular guy to identify with and relate to, nor are they the pure fantasy creation that someone like Jeff Stryker was in his heyday.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:
  by  ringwraith   Feb 4, 2008
Some Hot Moments Here...
I anticipated that this flick would be hot and it is mostly good but it wouldn't make my top ten list. The cast has great diversity and the men have light to dark complexions. My favorite scene was the concluding orgy. It had some real heat but just when I got hot focusing on a particular actor getting topped the scene cut away to some other lesser moment. I just feel like some of the scenes were rushed and didn't build up the sexual tension. That being said some actors really stand out like Jonathan Lowe who seemingly loves to get fucked or D.O. who seems to ooze masculinity. Just to see him having gay sex makes me hot all over. And the video concludes with him kissing the even hotter Rafael Alencar in the streets of NYC. This is hot stuff!!!
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  Ru2cee   Apr 15, 2013
Full plate
Rafael put together a great cast of men. D.O., Arpad and Rocko kept the sexy going strong. A good display of uncut men and lots of cum splattered all over the restaurant floors. C.J. Knight also gave his best in the kitchen. The movie ends with all the cast in an orgy. Rafael gets to pump some tight hole and then becomes the cum dump for all the guys, hot move. Extras include behind the scenes and cameo by Gus Mattox.
0 out of 0 people found the following review helpful:
  by  sam01   Jul 2, 2008
I enjoyed seeing Rafael, however it was not enough. The scenes are very good but predictable. The orgy had no rhyme or reason to the filming. The best scene was the one in the kitchen. I just felt like all of the sex was one sided, you knew right away who was going to top and that was that.
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